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Samaritans provide water, food and first aid to people in need.  We believe in respect for human rights, rendering humanitarian aid, and one’s ethical responsibility to assist those suffering.

We are your friends and neighbors. We believe that providing aid to another human being in distress is a fundamental human value, and that there should be no more deaths in our desert. We look forward to the day when our assistance is not needed.

Green Valley, Arizona is just 40 miles from the border, in 1853 Gadsden Purchase country.  At the border, Nogales, Arizona faces Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, but Ambos
bothNogales are very different. Just like their countries.

Today, migrants escaping high unemployment in Mexico and Central America slip north
mostly on footacross that border, desperate to find work and new lives. Powered by hope, generally uninformed, they walk toward great hardship and often death.
Three years ago, a loose coalition of Green Valley men and women came together to give humanitarian aid to migrants in distress. Mainly retired professionals of varying backgrounds and beliefs, they called themselves the Green Valley Samaritans, following the example of the Tucson Samaritans.